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Behind the Scenes: Stray by Grace VanderWaal

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Frank Ocean’s lyrics “It usually doesn’t rain in Southern California” is true almost 365 days of the year, except the week we filmed Grace’s latest single “Stray” just north of Los Angeles. With day after day of heavy rain and fears of flash floods or mudslides, we almost pushed the shoot date of the video. The weather cleared up just in time and we had a beautiful day of sunshine.

My Favorite iPhone Photo and Video Editing Apps

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The ability to quickly edit photos and videos from your iPhone is essential in content creation. The goal in editing to enhance, not completely alter photos.

Social Planning

UN UM is the perfect app for feed planning, especially if you’re running account and like to plan your posts out in advance. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you cannot schedule posts on Instagram, but this app will help keep you organized especially if you’re on the go.

Photo & Video Taking Apps

Huji Cam is the basic bitch of photo apps. It takes photos from your phone as if you were using a disposable camera in the 90’s. I love using this app outdoors. I’ve taken some really incredible photos where sun created some stellar lens flairs. This app is not good for night time or low light settings, your photos will turn out very dark even with a flash.

View of Tokyo Japan from Roppongi Tower.

View of Tokyo Japan from Roppongi Tower.

8mm is like the cool, older brother to Huji Cam. With 13 filters to choose from (70s, Sakura, XPro, Noir, 60’s, Pela, Indigo, Tuscan, two-color, 2 strip, 3-x, Siena, and 1920’s) It’s great for capturing a vintage film from your phone. Highly recommend during the day.

Kira Kira makes the simplest video look like Christmas. Anything reflecting light in the frame will sparkle.

Hyperlapse is my favorite app. I love Instagram’s Hyperlapse app over my iPhone’s hyperlapse because it allows you to choose how quickly you want to speed up the video. I use this app every time my plane takes off.

Pro Tip if you have an iPhone X make sure you record video at 1080p at 60 fps (frames per second). The 4K option is great, but it takes up a lot of memory and honestly, unless you plan on using the footage for something other than social media stories, there’s no point in using 4K. Most social media apps will compress the video when uploading and lose quality.

Video & Photo Editing

Lightroom CC is in the Adobe family and offers advanced photo editing options.

Snapseed offers a variety of editing tools, but my favorite is the selection tool. You can fine tune when a photo is over or underexposed, without changing the exposure of the entire photo. This is my favorite app to bring out colors in a sunset or make face visible when the front of photo is underexposed.


Video Crop is a great app to crop video. I have turned many a screen recording into memes with this app. It’s great for taking full screen videos (720 x 1280) and resizing into 1:1, 4:3 (IG Feed), 3:2, 5:4, 7:5 and 16:9 (IG Story).

Video Resizer offers similar features to Video Crop, but gives a few more features catered to IG story and IGTV.

Vont is another video editing app that lets you add text. I use this app to make video memes.

Pixaloop is hands down, my favorite video editing app. I have spent more time than I care to admit to anchoring points on a photo to create movement. This one takes a minute to figure out, but it will not disappoint. My friends were very impressed when I posted this photo.

Filters & Color Correction

PS Express when it comes to photo editing, photoshop express is as good as can get from a phone. This app has it all - cropping, filters, ability to add text and preset layouts for everything from Facebook cover photo to YouTube thumbnail. I even used this app to create the cover photo of this blog post.

VSCO gives you every filter known to mankind. I pay $20 a year for a plethora of filters and it is worth it. Filtering is the last stage of my editing process and I like to use the same filter (if it looks good) on every photo to give my feel a little bit of consistency. Aside from filters, VSCO is an incredible community for photographers, it’s like Instagram meets Tumblr. If you’re trying to reach Gen-Z, a lot of them use this app to posts photography that doesn’t make their IG feed (the generational politics of what is “worth” posting on an IG feed vs story is a different blog post).


IG Story & Full Screen Vertical Content

Layout Instagram’s app for photo collages. I love collages but I only use them on Instagram story, they come off cheesy and dated on feeds. 10/10 recommend for condensing those end of year IG story recaps.

Picfy offers a variety of templates for adding text, photo cropping, filtering and frames.

Unfold I love the layouts on this app, they are incredible for visual story telling and adding text in a way that doesn’t feel cheesy or cheap.